(Cash 4 Your Radio)

Unavi is currently looking for used or new OEM radio/audio assembly unit to purchase on the following models:

*Nissan Altima (2013)

*Hyundai Santa Fe (2013)

*Hyundai Sonata 6-Disc (2012)

*Hyundai Elantra GT (2013)

*Hyundai Accent (2013)

*Hyundai Genesis Coupe (2013)

*Hyundai Veloster (2012-2013)

*Kia Sorento (2014)

*Kia Sorento w/UVO (2014)

*Kia Forte (2014)


UPDATED as of - 05.07.2013

If you own any of these audio types and would like to sell to Unavi, please email us at info@unavi-usa.com. Thank you for your cooperation!

Required radio models subject to change without notice.